The Concept of Human Evil

How the understanding of evil questions and puts morals in objective

The Writing on the Wall

How the US invasion of Afghanistan was a foreseeable disaster

Codex: The Future of Code?

A revolutionary software that translates the English language into computer code

Dylan article

Dylan article

The “Hauntological” Condition Plaguing Artistic Expression

The Work of Mark Fisher and Its Implications

Buy Now, Pay Later: The Next Generation of Consumer Finance

Analyzing a modern digital payment trend and the changes in purchasing behavior

An Analysis of Kanye West's DONDA

Pilots in Panic

Insight into the effects of the pandemic on the aviation industry.

Museo Nacional del Prado

The history behind Spain's national art museum

Hypnotherapy Explained

How the American Led 1953 Iranian Coup Destroyed Secular Democracy in Iran

How the U.S. backed Iranian coup has forever changed American Relations in the middle east

Altruism and Egoism: Misunderstandings and Potential Political Implications

Understanding the widespread, but often false, understanding of the ideas of altruism and egoism, how this plays into philosophical continuities, and the implication this understanding brings.

BitClout: A Decentralized Social Media

A decentralized social media aimed to let people bet on the popularity of public figures by buying Creator Coins.

Financial Lessons from Richest Man in Babylon

Race Politics

Considering why Middle Easterns Deserved to be Recognized

Created by the Poor, Stolen by the Rich

Why You Shouldn't Watch the 2022 Qatar World Cup

Is Crypto's Bull Run Over?

An analysis of the cryptocurrency market's future.

eVTOLs and the Future of Urban Air Mobilit

How new aviation developments are revolutionizing transportation

Review of A Short History of Man: Progress and Decline by Hans-Herman Hoppe

Why you should read A Short History of Man: Progress and Decline by Hans-Herman Hoppe

The Crumbling of Democracy through the Lens of Hunter S. Thompson

Angel Investing: High Risk, High Reward

An introduction to a risky yet profitable way of investing your money

The Junction of Francisco Goya’s Art and His Political Development

Goya's art as a visual manifestation of his political views

Marijuana’s Racist History Shows the Need for Drug Reform

Why the federal government must decriminalize Marijuana

NFT: Not F*cking Tangible!

A dive into what NFTs are, how they work, and why they won’t succeed

Debunking Planned Parenthood

Why Planned Parenthood is an essential American service that needs to be protected

Russia's New Vaccine

An overlook of Russia’s new competing vaccine to combat COVID-19

The Economics of Class on Airlines

How airlines format their cabins to maximize profits and why

The Destruction and Financialization of American Democracy

A bleak realization of the marginalization against Americans created by our own government.

Earning an Oscar by Destigmatizing Periods Around the World

Winning an Oscar at 16 by empowering women worldwide

Introduction to Behavioral Economics

An introduction into basic behavioral economics concepts to analyze human behavior and economic decision-making.

The Stoic's Guide to Happiness

Embracing simple ideologies of the Stoic philosophy can help you lead a more peaceful and happy life

Curing Racial Socioeconomic Disparities (Along With Those Who Experience Them)

How Improving America's National Healthcare Services can act as a form of Reparations For African Americans.

Cultivating One’s Leadership Skills to Create Change

Assessing Martine Rothblatt’s Initiative to Advance One’s Own Life

Discipline and How to Have It

Developing Discipline to Reclaim Your Life

The Case for Eliminating Latin

An examination into why schools should stop teaching a dead language

How & Why to Start Investing as a Teen

Introduction to investing, benefits of investing early, different types of investing, etc.

Procrastination: The Causes & The Most Effective Methods of Freeing Yourself

Identifying the real reason behind why you procrastinate and changing your cycle will help you get over the bad habit for good.

How to Build Credit

Learn to build credit yearly to unlock financial freedom later in life.

Keys to Success in College Admissions

Important aspects of a unique college application with the insights of Ivy League bound students.

Surveillance Capitalism: What the largest tech companies don’t want you to know.

Surveillance Capitalism is a theft in which human experience is used to exploit us.

The Toxicity Surrounding Ivy League School Culture

An explanation behind the false portrayal of Ivy League schools and why students should think twice before setting their minds on them.

Embracing the Absurd

Dealing with the Reality of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Healthy Habits: Stopping the Cycle of Self-Indulgence

Learn the methods to initiate and maintain health and behavioral change.

Compound Interest: Really the 8th Wonder of the World?

Understand the vast benefits of compound interest to multiply your wealth.

Alternative Investments: Collectibles and Trading Cards

Be apart of and understand the evergrowing trading card industry.

Escaping the Rate Race: Life’s Financial Trap

The arduous, neverending lifestyle that traps so many people into working their whole lives to only gain more wealth to support a lavish and excessive lifestyle: The Rat Race.

California Gas Prices

A deep dive into the main factors leading to increased gas prices in California.