August 2021

Human Evil, The Afghan War, Codex, Hauntology, Consumer Finance, Donda, Aviation, Prado, and Hypnotherapy.

July 2021

Considering the Iranian Coup, Altruism and Egoism, BitClout, Race Politics, Qatar World Cup, Crypto, eVTOLS, Babylon, A Short History of Man: Progress and Decline.

June 2021

A Dive Into NFTs, Angel Investing, Planned Parenthood, Francisco Goya’s Art, Drug Reform, Russia’s New Vaccine, Hunter S. Thompson’s Crumbling Democracy, and the Economics of Airplanes.

May 2021

An Examination of Leadership, Discipline, Destigmatization of Periods, the Practicality of Latin, Reparations by improving Medicare, the Marginalization of the American Public, Behavioral Economics, and Stoicism.

March 2021

Introduction to Stocks, Building Credit Score at a Young Age, Preventing Procrastination, College Application Process

April 2021

Exploring Surveillance Capitalism, Ivy League School Culture, Camus’s Absurdism, Healthy Habits, Compound Interest, Trading Card Investments, and The Rat Race.