College Application Support



MutualFundsMagazine provides college application proofreading and general tutoring/advice for high school seniors.

Support for all college applications is provided; we specialize in UC schools as we have found an effective and systematic method to improve PIQs drastically.

The current rate is $30/hr, but a discount rate of $22/hr is provided for Loyola High School Students.

For all inquiries, email directly at

Why Choose Mutual Funds over Professional Tutoring

Post-COVID, the college application process is completely different. This is something that only students know; these “professionals” with a legacy in this business are completely unaware of this shift.

We are different. We are students. We have over two years of experience working with high school writers. We understand the college application process better than any middle-aged “professional.”

Moreover, we understand LOYOLA kids more than anyone. We are familiar with your writing styles, especially those influenced by Mr. Marsh, Dr. Vella, Mr. Mason & Mr. Schmidt, and know exactly how to help you.

Dylan Westland (founder):
When I was applying to college as a senior, I remember paying over $1,000 for a college essay professional who was considered to be “the best in the business.” I cannot explain how unhelpful this service was, as this service, which was one individual giving support to over 100 clients, ranged between either me having minimal support & having to reexplain my story every time we met to him completely rewriting my college essays, completely changing my stories without explaining why.

I initially used this professional service for my early action applications, but, being so fed up with the lack of genuine support I was receiving, by the time the UC applications rolled around, I decided to rely on only my friends (those who started/wrote for this magazine alongside myself) to proofread my applications. Although I performed lower than I expected with my EA private school applications, I was admitted to every UC school I applied to.

There’s so much I wish I had known when I was applying to college, a realization that incentivized me to start this service and share valuable information with confused and stressed high school seniors. Please, reach out to us. We know exactly what you are going through.